Simple But Important Tips for Maintaining the Exterior of a Commercial Property

When you own a commercial property of any sort, it's important that you consider how the exterior of the property is maintained. A poorly kept exterior can actually be a danger to visitors, and also make the entire property seem rundown and unattractive. However, a few simple touches and a bit of oversight and maintenance to the exterior can make your property safer, more attractive, and even quieter for those inside the building. Consider a few suggestions in this regard.

Planting hedges

A good security fence can ensure that there are no trespassers on your property, but you may not like the look of an industrial fence on your property, and an oversized iron fence can also look a bit imposing and unwelcoming. A good alternative is it plant hedges around the exterior of the property, to discourage trespassers, insulate the property against outside noise, and make the entire area look more inviting and attractive. Japanese yew of any variety grows to be very thick and lush, and American holly has a boxy look that you can have trimmed down for something manicured and attractive. For added security, choose hedges with barbs or thorns that are very prickly, such as firethorn or juniper.


Review the condition of your property's signage regularly; if the sign in front of your building is old and worn and can't be read, this may not give a very good first impression to your visitors! Upgrade to a modern sign with durable lettering that can easily be seen and which properly represents your company as well.


Dirty windows can look very bad from the inside of a building, and also block some natural light that makes the space seem bright and inviting. However, they can also look just as bad from the outside! Dirt, dust, mud, grime, and other debris that is caked on your building's windows can make the property seem rundown and unkempt, so have the windows cleaned regularly and especially after a storm.


Ensure that cars on the lot are not left for any extended period of time; abandoned cars can become a nuisance, as bees may actually build a hive along the car body, and birds may even nest in one! Have your security personnel or someone else do regular checks of the lot for any cars that seem to be abandoned and work with a towing company to have them removed as needed, so your lot always looks its best without any nuisances or eyesores.

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When you own a commercial property of any sort, it's important that you consider how the exterior of the property is maintained. A poorly kept exterio

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