Why You Should Be Looking at Your Old Car in a Different Light

If you've ever walked past a scrapheap, you may have noticed a large number of worn out cars sitting forlornly in their final resting place. You might think that they're relatively worthless and pay no more attention to them. However, almost all the parts that can be found within a modern-day car can be reused or recycled. If you have a car that is nearing the end of its life, don't just consign it to a scrapheap. Consider how you could recycle, earn a bit of money in the process and do some good for the environment. What are some of the key components that you can consider here?

Wheels and Tyres

You will of course change your tyres many different times on your vehicle if you own it for the average length. It's quite possible that the wheels and tyres will be in relatively good shape when your car gets to the end of its usable life. Other people may have the same make and model of car as you and may be looking to get a replacement set of rims and tyres, without buying new. This should be your first idea when it comes to recycling.

Alternator and Starter Motor

The starter motor and the alternator are critical components when it comes to daily automotive use. These units can be remanufactured to restore full functionality at pretty much any stage of their life cycle. Therefore, remove these from your vehicle and put them into the recycling and remanufacturing pipeline, to make some extra cash.


Car batteries must always be recycled, and there are usually policies and procedures in place across all the states and territories to ensure that they are handled correctly. It could be that your battery is in perfect working condition and could be simply swapped over to another car at a recycling centre, or it could be sent for processing.

Water Pump

One of the most common components salvaged from older vehicles is the water pump. Due to the extreme temperatures in certain parts of Australia, many people find that their water pump will need replacing and may often look to salvage yards in order to save some money. Make sure that you recycle your water pump accordingly.

Looking Further

These are just a few of the critical components of any vehicle that can be repurposed. Have a word with your parts recycler to get a full list.

For more information about auto parts recycling, contact a local professional.

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