How to Approach Your First Driving Licence As a Project

For teenagers, learning to drive and getting that all-important license are almost always key priorities and something that can generate quite a bit of anxiety along the way. If you are beginning to prepare for this liberating experience you may be wondering what is ahead of you. With careful preparation there is nothing to be worried about, but there are some things that you do need to bear in mind as you prepare. What should you be focusing on?

Steady Progress Is Best

Even though it may be tempting, you should never rush into preparation for your test. You need to have the right number of lessons according to your ability and learning curve and listen to your instructor, who will tell you whether they think you're ready. You can waste money and prepare to be disappointed if not. Also, remember that learning to drive is quite a big investment at your stage in life. Make sure that you have the budget laid out before you begin, so that you can get your provisional licence, take the proper lessons and sign up for the practical test.

Be Consistent

When you do begin the process, try to be consistent. Make sure that you have a meaningful lesson each time and aim to have a new lesson no more than one week after the previous. You need to schedule this with your instructor, but it's the best way to build on previous experiences and move forward.

Extra Practice

While the number of lessons that you have with a professional instructor are key, you should nevertheless get a trusted friend or relative to go out for more driving experience with you. This will give you a lot more confidence, especially in that you will likely be driving a different car to the one provided by the school and will have a different passenger, as well.

Theory, too

Don't ignore the theoretical part of the test. Make sure that you read up on all the various Australian traffic laws and best practice in a variety of different driving conditions. This will all stand you in good stead for the test date when it arrives.

A Dummy Run

Before the big day arrives, go out with your instructor for a complete mockup of the actual test itself. If you are aware of the actual test route to be used, make sure that you drive those roads.

Plotting It out

For full details and to schedule the right number of tests for you, have a word with an instructor at a local driving school.

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