Money-Saving Tips for Your Car Rental Overseas

Conditions of car rental vary by country. If you intend to rent a car outside Australia, there's a lot that you will need to consider so as to avoid being ripped off. Here are just but a few money-saving tips for your overseas car rental.

Book early

Most travellers are last-minute, over the counter car renters that do not have the time to compare rental rates. Because they usually need a car so desperately at the time, they are okay settling for any offer that comes their way. Booking ahead of time for car hire overseas can save you lots of dollars – generally speaking, car rental rates are much cheaper if you hire several days, weeks or months earlier, even at the height of the boom period. 

Get your own insurance

Some car rental companies will offer you with expensive car insurance packages that you do not really need and tell you that those are the best around. Before purchasing auto insurance from your car renter, check with your insurer to see whether your current policy covers a rental car overseas. In most cases, you will need to purchase a new insurance policy. Ask about the minimum coverage requirements for the new country, and purchase only what you really need. Most of the extra insurance policies offered by some car renters are simply designed to make you pay more than you should, so it is better to get your extra insurance cover from a standalone provider.

Ask about hidden costs

Most car rental firms charge hidden costs that won't be advertised or revealed at the time of rental. By the time you notice that they exist, it might already be too late. The hidden costs may vary from one car renter to another but some of the more common ones include cancellation fees, late return penalties, vehicle licensing fee, refuelling charges, vehicle servicing fee, young driver charges, etc.

Get your discount

When you are renting a car for your overseas endeavours, make sure to take advantage of any special price discounts that your car renter has to offer. Usually, these discounts may not be advertised, and so it is only those who ask about them that will benefit. If it is not your first time hiring a car from a particular car rental company, for example, you may be entitled to a price discount for being a loyal customer. This will help reduce your bill. 

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