Affordable Car Repair Techniques That Every Driver Should Know About

Whenever a vehicle gets damaged in an accident, car owners often jump straight into thinking how the repairs will cost them an arm and a leg. And for a while now, auto body and paint repairs have been known to force drivers to dig deep into their pockets. Luckily, there are some new car repair technologies in the market that guarantee to save you lots of money next time you need a repair service. Below, see what they are and how they can save you money.

Paintless dent removal

Paintless dent removal is a repair service available for people whose cars have minor dents. For you to apply for this repair service, the dent in question needs not to have caused any paint damage. The repair mechanic will reverse the dents using dent pullers and rollers in a manner that allows the paint to stay intact without any paint cracking or chipping occurring. This repair service saves you money because no paintwork is carried out.

Spot paint repair

Spot paint repairs refer to auto works where only the affected area is repainted as opposed to repainting the entire car. This service is ideal for minor to medium scratches and scruff. With this service, the repair technicians will work on the body damage by removing the dents and smoothing the affected panels. A computerised process will then be used to identify the exact colour of your vehicle. The appropriate paint match will then be applied on the repaired area and cured.

Windscreen crack or chip repair

Another technique that can save you lots of money is windscreen crack and chip repair. This is where cracks and chips on your windscreen get repaired without having to replace the entire glass panel. This repair technique is only applicable if the cracks or chips are minor in nature. The damaged areas are cleaned and loose glass shards vacuumed off. A composite resin is then injected into the area. Once cured, the resin binds the glass together and seals the damaged area completely.

Second-hand parts from auto wreckers

New parts are a common reason why vehicle repairs sometimes get expensive. If your vehicle needs new parts, you can cut on costs by buying second hand OEM parts from resellers such as auto wreckers. Auto wreckers dismantle hundreds of vehicles across Australia every single day. These parts are cheap and come with warranties. You can buy the parts you need from them in person or online and save up to 50% or more on cost.

So next time you're at the auto shop, ask about these affordable car repair options. 

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