Fixing a Few Simple Auto Electrical Problems on Your Own

Many car owners fail to think about their car's electrical systems; they may be concerned about the engine and fluid levels, but then don't consider the importance of the battery, wiring, and other electrical parts under the hood. However, if the car's electrical systems fail, the car may fail to start or just come to a stop and shut down altogether. Before it reaches that point, note a few tips on how to manage some simple auto electrical problems on your own.

Something works momentarily, then suddenly stops

If windshield wipers, overhead light, dashboard lights, or other such electrical components switch on momentarily and then suddenly stop, this could be a blown fuse. Just like tripping a circuit in your home will suddenly shut down an appliance, blowing a fuse in the car will then shut down an electrical part. Check your owner's manual if you don't know where the car's fuse box is located and look for a fuse that has popped out slightly. You can usually take the fuse to an auto parts store, and they can find the right replacement for you, and you can slide the new one into the fuse box relatively easily.

Grinding and clicking when you start the car

Usually if the car's battery is dead, you'll hear a clicking or grinding sound as you try to start the car. If you know you have a good battery, it may simply be that your car needs new spark plugs. If they're old and worn and aren't producing a strong spark, the engine cannot turn over. You can usually remove the plugs yourself and, as with fuses, take them to your local auto parts store and they can show you the best replacement plugs for your car.

Electrical systems struggle to work

If your wipers slow down the minute you turn on the air conditioner, or your dashboard lights dim when you touch the brake pedal, your electrical systems are probably not getting enough power. Usually this is the fault of an undersized battery, and it's a common problem when you install added electrical systems like a GPS, a smartphone charger, and the like; your battery may not be strong enough to manage all these components at once.

In this case, you don't need a larger battery as this will simply mean a battery that physically won't fit your car; instead, you need a battery with more amps. Check the amps of the battery in your car now and opt for one that provides more power, and your electrical systems should all work fine.

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