Why Get a Custom Exhaust System for Your Car?

A custom exhaust system isn't just about having a fancy tailpipe attached to your car for looks alone. The exhaust system affects the overall combustion created by the car by pulling fumes and emissions out of the engine; this, in turn, affects the engine's overall power and performance. If you've never thought about getting a custom exhaust system or just a few aftermarket pieces added to your car, note a few advantages they may offer so you can decide if this is the right choice for your car.

Quicker exhaust

A larger exhaust pipe or dual exhaust pipes allow for a quicker exhaust of the fumes and emissions created by the engine. In turn, the engine can more quickly draw in fresh oxygen to create stronger combustion by the pistons; the engine then works more efficiently and creates more power, the faster those emissions are released. If you tow any type of weight with your vehicle or need more speed when on the road, you don't always need a larger engine; a custom made, larger exhaust that draws oxygen out can allow your current engine to easily produce that added power.

Better filtering

Your car's catalytic converter is part of the exhaust system and this piece works to filter fumes from the engine, lowering the car's overall emissions. If you opt for a custom exhaust with a larger catalytic converter or one with a stronger filter, your car may produce fewer emissions overall. For those who are concerned about their vehicle's affect on the environment, this can mean a cleaner-burning engine and less of a "carbon footprint" when you drive.


Some custom exhaust systems are meant to create a rumbling or grumbling sound from the engine, to make it sound stronger and more powerful. Glass packs are a common feature for sports cars and muscle cars, and adding these to your car can make your car's engine sound just as sporty.

However, a custom exhaust system can go the opposite route and actually provide better muffling of your car's engine. A larger muffler or one made with a thicker metal than what your car has currently can mean making your ride much quieter overall. This is especially important if you have a sports car or large truck, or have upgraded the engine in your vehicle to something more powerful. Without a custom exhaust, you may find the noise from a larger and stronger engine distracting and downright unpleasant.

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