What to Remember When Buying a Caravan

Caravans are a popular choice for families as they give you room for everyone to be comfortable when on holiday, but without the cost of a hotel. They also allow you to stay in the "great outdoors" during your trips, and are so much fun for traveling that some people actually live out of their caravan, either to simplify their life or after retirement. When you're ready to buy a caravan, note a few things to keep in mind so you know you get the best choice for your needs.


Remember the weight of a caravan will be heavier when it's fully loaded; if you bring sporting goods or other such equipment with you on holiday, this may add significantly to the caravan's weight. You'll want to think about its weight for the vehicle you'll be using for towing, but note too your favorite holiday spots. If you tend to stay at campgrounds that are very rustic and without concrete pads for parking, a very heavy caravan may be more likely to sink into soft ground, sand, or mud. Choose a lighter or smaller caravan for rustic traveling so you have less risk of getting stuck.


A larger caravan might offer a full shower, toilet, and a sink in the bathroom. Something more lightweight might include a toilet but no shower. To save on cost, you might downsize your caravan and opt for those fewer features, but note the facilities at which you stay. Not all campgrounds offer bathrooms with showers, and if they do, you may need to pay separately for the time spent in the shower. You may also get tired of having to walk across a campground and share a bathroom with strangers! It can be worth it to upgrade; shop for one with a compact bathroom with the shower right over the toilet rather than a separate walk-in shower as a compromise in price and size.

New versus used

A good caravan should last for many years so a used model could be a good option, but this depends on how the previous owners maintained the trailer. Examine the flooring of a used model carefully; if it seems warped or cracked in any areas, the owners may have allowed humidity buildup that is damaging the frame of the trailer. Check the tires; if they're old and worn, this can signal that the owners haven't put much money or time into keeping up the caravan. Don't just look at fancy features like the size of the stovetop or if there's a big TV inside, but note the overall structure and if the caravan seems neglected, choose another model instead.

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