What to Consider When Buying a Grain Trailer

Many farmers usually know the size and the capacity of the grain trailer that they would like to buy. However, some of those farmers may not pay as much attention as they should to the other features that can make using that grain trailer easier for them. This article discusses some of those useful features that you should consider as you make a grain trailer purchase.

The Work Area Lights

You may often need to offload grain from the trailer at night. Such situations call for proper lighting during the offloading process. Many grain trailers have work area lights to facilitate nighttime work. However, some grain trailers are equipped with better work area lights when compared to others. For instance, some trailers have work area lights that are built into the body of the trailer. Such a trailer may be better than another trailer whose work area lights are not built into its body. This is because the built in lights are safer from the damage that may result as the lights are positioned by hand.

The Slope of the Trailer Floor

Pick the grain trailer with the steepest slope on its floor. Such a trailer will be easier to clean out when compared to a trailer with a smaller slope angle. The grain trailer with the steep slope is also easier to offload because gravity will make the grain to flow out of the trailer at a faster rate.

The Sub-Frame Construction

Select a grain trailer with a sub-frame that is made from hot-dipped galvanised steel. Such a trailer will be in a better position to resist corrosion when compared to a trailer that has a painted sub-frame. The materials that contact the trailer when it is out in the field can easily scrape off the paint. This can create an opportunity for corrosion to attack the exposed steel.

The Trailer Door

Some grain trailers have two-stage doors while others open at once. The grain trailers with two-stage doors may be better because they require less torque to open when the trailer is fully loaded. This is because the operator can open only the first stage so that gravity pushes out most of the grain. He or she can then open the second stage so that the remaining grain can also be removed. The single-stage door requires more torque to open it entirely when the trailer is fully loaded.

Pick a grain trailer with the features above and you will soon realise that it is easier to operate and maintain when compared to a trailer that does not have those features.

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