3 Awesome Accommodation Ideas for Your next Family Holiday

When it comes to accommodation for your next family holiday, a hotel, a motel, or a serviced apartment are perhaps the most likely options. But you might want to consider a few other options that can offer a particularly unique family holiday. You can even end up saving money on hotel bills while still enjoying a high quality getaway with your nearest and dearest. So what are some awesome accommodation options for your next family holiday?

1. Glamping

A hybrid word derived from "glamour" and "camping," glamping gives you a luxury experience while still technically sleeping in a tent. You don't need to lug your supplies yourself, you simply show up at the glamping site and find everything all set up for you. It might be a tent, it might be a yurt, or even a teepee. It's more of an experience-based type of holiday than traditional camping, and it allows you to get back to nature without giving up any of your creature comforts. The tents are outfitted with comfortable bedding and are surprisingly luxurious. Toilet facilities are located onsite, and they contain actual toilets and showers. There's no trench toilet when you're glamping!

2. A Caravan Holiday

It seems a little bit old school, to get your family together and stay in a caravan. If you've never done it before, it certainly needs to be experienced. It's a simple way of living and allows your family to spend uninterrupted time together. This can almost feel like a novelty, and while there's plenty to do at most caravanning sites, there is rarely a TV or any of the other standard forms of evening entertainment. Time in a caravan can be incredibly soothing, and there are so many different caravan sites to choose from across Australia. Renting a caravan is also surprisingly affordable. Be careful though, as it's easy to be tempted by the caravanning lifestyle. You might find yourself looking at caravans for sale so that you can make it a regular occurrence.

3. Houseboating

A houseboat holiday is so darn relaxing that it's surprising more people don't take advantage of this fantastic option. Please remember that you will need to have a boating or maritime licence in order to operate a houseboat. Depending on your budget, you can get anything from a basic houseboat to one that feels like an upmarket floating apartment. You should rent a houseboat from an actual boat rental company, as opposed to a houseboat listed on a accommodation website. Houseboats strictly listed as accommodation are generally permanently moored, meaning you cannot move them, and choosing the best spot to moor for the night is half the fun!

There are many alternative accommodation options for a truly unique family holiday, and you might never want to stay in a hotel again.

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